Monday, August 31, 2009

DIY Hair Accessories

Making your own accessories for your hair is definitely in this season. Although, I have to remember not to avert back to what I originally think of when someone says this (hello NKOB, Hangin' Tough, anyone?) This is a trend anyone can incorporated into their style. I found these delicate flowered bobby pins on etsy, the designer is HandleSpout, and they are just perfect! Now I'm not saying that these would be easy to make (I'd prefer to buy them thankyouverymuch)! But you get the idea. These would be great to dress up an evening look, or perfect to wear with a tee and rock and republics on the weekend. Also, in InStyle this month they have a section on how to DIY. How would you make this style your own? Feathers, gemstones, twigs, go on and be creative!
Spotlight: According to Luke 21:16-19, those who are believers in Christ will be betrayed by relatives, friends and the like. It says we will be hated because of Christ. For any of us that have experienced this. It can be really tough! The hope of this is in the later two verses. "But not a hair on your head will perish. By standing firm you will gain life." In Jesus we have the ability to face anything form life's greatest challange to a bad hair day. Remember that with Jesus and a few hair accessories we can face anything life throws our way.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Eye Rescuers

Even though fall is not quite here yet, the fall schedules definetly are! Everyone is feeling the effects of Red Eye. The must haves for this not so pretty face are simple. Visine, Green Tea and mascara are to the rescue! The makeup maven suggests saturating 2 green tea bags in cold water and resting them over your eyes for 5 minutes. Almost instantly you will see a reduction in puffiness as your eyes scream "Oooh la la"! Secondly grab a lengthening mascara and swipe a few coats on, such as Boots Extreme Length Mascara. A lash lengthening mascara creates the illusion of a more awake eye. This particular mascara has an amazing brush that makes creating full lashes a breeze. Lastly, spritz on a beautifully smelling fragrance to add pep to your step, and don't forget to toss Visine into your clutch for all day redness relief.

Spotlight: Perhaps you are saying, "It is more than just my eyes that need a rescue! I'm just down all around. Fretnot! There was a psalmist that felt the same way. He jotted down his thoughts in Psalm 43:5&6. "Why are you so downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbedwithin me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praisehim, my Savior and my God." Isn't it so awesome that in the middle of his depression the psalmist is commanding his own soul to praise God. Wow! What a lesson. The next time you rest for 5 minutes with green tea bags on your eyes, command your soul within you to praise God and put your hope in Him. Let us know how it goes. God we praise your glorious name for giving us victory over the fall days.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Long Sleeve Mini Dress

For the fall, the long sleeve mini dress is certainley a must have item! You can wear it in a bold hue, a flirty pattern, or a subduded tone for a sophisticated look. You can easily fit this trend into your closet rotation by personalizing it to match you. For example, take this gray jersey dress from James Perse (www.revolvingclothingcom). By itself it may be a little too scandalous for you, even if it is jersey. But pair it with black leggings and shimmery ballet flats and you are on your way to a great look! There are so many ways to wear this trend! Tell us how you would make this look your own!